How To Choose a Best Diaper Bag For Two Kids?

Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag

When you’re a parent of twins you will find that all of the baby gear you need has to come in a set of twos.  From two cribs to two highchairs, in no time you will find that you are out of room for any more stuff.  Luckily for you there has been a surge of baby gear items that were specifically made to convenience parents of twins.

If you have two kids, the best diaper bag for two kids is one that’s spacious with plenty of pockets for pacifiers, wipes, and other quick-grab essentials. No, this doesn’t mean you need to carry around a big ugly bag. There’s no need to sacrifice style for function. In fact, many modern diaper bags are ultra-stylish and mimic the look of designer bags. Here’s our top picks for the best diaper bag for two kids.

1.Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag
Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag

A unisex diaper bag is essential for two-parent households. The Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag is a sophisticated looking bag in a neutral heather grey hue. It’s also the only stroller bag designed to fit a double (side-by-side) stroller. The diaper bag features a whopping 16 pockets, allowing you to carry everything your kids could ever need while away from home.

What our team loved about this spacious diaper bag is the well-designed inside. The bag features two insulated bottle pockets, a cushioned changing pad, 16 total pockets which allow for complete organization, and magnetic closures throughout to prevent you from having to deal with Velcro or zippers. The main compartment does have a zipper which protects personal items like wallets and car keys.

The versatile diaper bag is easy to carry and remains comfortable when draped across your shoulder. It can be carried by a messenger strap or tote straps depending on your preference. Skip Hop developed patented Shuttle

Clips that also allow the diaper bag to be attached easily to the handlebars of any double stroller. However, this bag is not for use on single strollers. To create a cleaner look, the shoulder strap is removable. Parents will also find a convenient cell phone pocket as well as easy-access pen holders. The custom hardware D-ring for toys provides space for all of your kid’s favorite stroller toys.

2.NimNak Baby Premium Diaper Tote Bag

If you’re looking for a great diaper bag that combines style with the storage capacity you would need when traveling with twins, then the NimNak Baby Premium Tote bag is perfect for you.  This bag seamlessly transition from a diaper bag to a perfect over night tote without skipping a beat.  This is a tote style bag which means that it has two straps so you could wear it comfortably on your shoulder, much like a purse.  The diaper bag’s interior is made from odor free polyester which also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about messy diapers soiling your bag.

So why is it perfect for twins?  Storage is the number one feature that parents of twins prefer when it comes to using this bag.  There are ten pockets overall that are a variety of different sizes including a waterproof tech pocket specifically designed to hold your laptop or tablet.  The main center pocket is perfectly sized to a few different changes of clothes as well as a whole sleeve of diapers.  The zippered pocket inside it perfect to hold soiled diapers to keep them separate from the clean clothes and diapers so that you don’t have to worry about cross contamination.  While this diaper has a great deal of storage space, it does not feel bulky and maintains a lightweight feel.

So why purchase the NimNak Baby Premium Diaper Tote Bag?  Here are some of the features that make this a great option for you and your twins:

3.Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection

Many of Ju ju Be Diaper bags come in big size, making them among the best diaper bag for two kids. It is the bag you should go for if you have more than one baby. What makes it tick is the several pockets it contains makes it a more organized bag on the go with babies.

It is the perfect size for any mom who needs to carry so much while on the go. Once you are done with diapering, you can use this bag as a great travel bag.

4.Diaper Bag by Hip Cub – Designer Messenger

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub – Designer Messenger
Diaper Bag by Hip Cub – Designer Messenger

Large, stylish, and full of pockets to hold all your supplies, the Diaper Bag by Hip Club offers everything moms are looking for in a to-go bag. The designer messenger style bag features stylish stripes and a neutral color scheme that makes it the perfect bag for multiple kids. The trendy and affordable bag can be worn over the shoulder or as a cross body bag. Either way, this bag looks more like a designer bag than a diaper bag.

What makes this the best diaper bag for two kids is that it’s super functional. Easily carry all of your essentials, including the matching changing mat that comes free with the bag. Inside the bag you’ll find one main compartment that has a secure zipper closure for holding your personal items.

You’ll also find two spacious front pockets and four other internal compartments. Altogether, the bag features eight spacious pockets. We know that moms need a diaper bag that’s large, functional, and stylish. The durable cotton canvas material holds everything you would ever need on-the-go and the material itself is easy to clean.

In addition to a matching changing mat, you’ll receive stroller straps that allow you to easy attach your bag to your stroller in seconds. Travel around your neighborhood, to the park, or anywhere else with ease. More at

5.Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack w/ Stroller Straps

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack
Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is the perfect option for everyone from traveling families to weekend warriors, but especially those families with twins.  This diaper bag offers the best of a hands free experience with the backpack style which is worn directly on your back for a perfect carefree day.  Besides being comfortable and convenient, the Bag Nation Diaper Backpack is also built to last.  The high quality polyester is not only waterproof but is also incredible durable enough to last for years of travel.

This backpack diaper bag is fitted with 12 pockets, each which serves its own unique purpose.  The Larges middle pocket is a perfect place to store clothes and blankets while the outside, easy to reach pocket, is great for diapers.  There is even an extra large insulated bottle pocket for all of your feeding needs.

Parents who have used and loved this backpack style diaper bag love the side pocket feature that fits baby wipe packages perfectly.  This special little pocket allows you to grab baby wipes right through the bag without unzipping anything for those quick emergency clean ups.

The back of the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is made out of a breathable barrier so that your back doesn’t get sweaty or hot during long days out.  When it’s time to take a walk in the stroller, just clip the back directly to your double twin stroller and continue your hands free commute.

What we liked about this bag is that it’s BPA-free and phalate-free. Inside you’ll find a cushioned changing pad, as well as twelve spacious pockets to hold all of your kid’s supplies. Insulated side pockets easily fit sippy cups, bottles, and snacks, and the front compartment flips down to allow you to easily see through your bag. What makes this the best diaper bag for two kids is its versatility combined with its runway-inspired style. More at