Here But Not Here

The title of this long overdue blog post summarizes my life fairly well.  As I mentioned back in November, my husband was hospitalized and since then he has been hospitalized two more times.  I mention this not to elicit sympathy, rather in an effort to explain that for now, my life has changed in so very many ways.

These past three months have taught me so very much, often in the form of painful lessons, yet necessary ones.  In one day, my world and that of my family changed completely, and looking back now, I know it has made us stronger.  We have learned to take nothing for granted, and maybe that is the lesson, nothing is guaranteed or permanent.  I have learned that time is precious and life is so very fragile.  I look forward to each sunrise with eager anticipation and find the majestic beauty in each sunset.  As a family we have grown even closer, learned to do more with less, and to appreciate what we have and not wish for what we cannot have.  My family and I have a long road ahead, but I do not fear it anymore, rather I am learning to live in the present ( which has not come easy to me, as a natural worrier, but I am changing).

But what about books, one may be wondering at this point.  An excellent question and I am more than happy to report my reading is coming along quite nicely, averaging over a book a day. :)  So where are my reviews?  Another excellent question.  Some may think this is rather silly, but I honestly have neither had the time nor the energy to post my reviews here.  However, my reviews may be read on GoodReads or LibraryThing, some are posted on Amazon as well, and as always what I am currently reading or have read may be found here.  I am beginning my 33rd book of 2013, which I think is fairly good considering January is not yet over.  ;)   Will I begin posting my reviews back here soon?  I cannot say, so I shall not even pretend to know.  I am quite literally taking each day as it comes.

Stay warm my fellow bibliophiles and thank you for sticking with me through the good and bad times.  It all balances out in the end.

Happy Reading!

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