Saying Goodbye… For Now

It is with a sad heart that I must say goodbye to book reviewing and blogging for the foreseeable future.

I have deeply enjoyed reviewing and being able to meet so many wonderful people along the way.  Unfortunately, due to medical reasons, I will not be able to review or blog for the time being. I do not know when I will be able to resume blogging and shall miss all of you.  With luck, I will not be absent from the reviewing/blogging world long. My blog will remain up and I shall return to blogging as soon as I am physical able.

It has been my pleasure to learn so very much from each and everyone I have had the pleasure to meet throughout my time here.  On the upside, it looks as though I shall finally be giving audio books a try and who knows, I may just become a convert, anything is possible.

Until I return, happy reading. :)

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  1. I hope that things will get better for you. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. You will definitely be missed!

    I am not a huge audiobook listener but I am currently listening to Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok and I find it to be excellent narration and more moving than when I read the book in print.

    I hope you find some audiobooks that you enjoy. Your health comes first and hopefully we will see you back to blogging soon.

  2. I’m so sorry to see that you’re having such a difficult time with your health. Take care of yourself!

  3. I am so sorry to hear your health concerns are getting bad enough to stop you from blogging. I hope you feel better soon and can return to normal activity level. I wish you well

  4. You will be missed, but take good care of yourself. We’re here when you come back!

  5. yokes! will this impede knitting as well? i have had to stop knitting/crocheting due to shaky hands which make loops really bad and swatches unreliable! i have not been posting much lately due to illness and dealing with my mom’s illness and ultimate death and its aftermath. i will hold you in my thoughts! please keep me posted thru my email! sandy

  6. You will be missed. I hope your health improves for you, not just so we get you back here and blogging, but so that you can enjoy the fullness that life offers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Sorry to see you go. Whether you come back or not, I really hope that your medical problems get fixed. Sending you prayers and best wishes.


  8. Jennifer,

    We will miss you! Keep us updating on how you’re faring.

  9. You’ll be missed but self care first! I hope you recovery quickly and find some pleasure in the time off from blogging.

  10. i am a reader, not a blogger. i will miss your reviews….very informative and i could always tell if i should try the book or not.
    blessings to you and to your family

  11. I am sorry to hear that you are going, but I know that we all understand. Although I have not been a follower for that long, I have enjoyed reading the reviews that you have written.
    Take Care and All the best to you and you family.

  12. I really hope you get better soon! I love audiobooks, I just listened to The Accident by Linwood Barclay and it was great so I recommend that.

  13. I have so enjoyed getting to know you through blogging, and always look forward to your thoughts on the books you read. You will be greatly missed, but as others have said, your health comes first. May the time away be short! You are in my thoughts and prayers as I understand and empathize with chronic health issues.

    As a huge fan/listener of audiobooks, feel free to email me for recommendations! ;o)

  14. Take care of yourself! I hope you are fully recovered and back to blogging in no time. I will be praying for you!

  15. You will be missed but we’ll look forward to the day when you’re back at it and giving us your amazing insight into literature again! Please let me know if you need anything (audiobooks?! I have some here!) and know that I am thinking of you and hoping all is okay! Thanks for everything!!

  16. I’ll be thinking of you. I hope you don’t have to completely give up on knitting as well.

    If you are looking for recommendations – the audio for The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani is wonderful.

  17. Aw, I’m sorry to hear you’re not doing well. I hope you’re back to normal & back to bloggin in no time :)

  18. Thoughts and a hug go out to you. I hope you are feeling better soon, and I eagerly anticipate your return.

  19. Good luck with everything and I hope we’ll see you back here soon!

  20. Hi Jennifer,

    I saw your comment on my blog on my It’s Monday! What are you reading post? and returned your visit but saw your announcement.

    I’m sorry to hear the bad news that you would not be blogging and reviewing for a while though I hope it would not stop you from reading or listening to audio books.

    Do take care of yourself and may you get better! Looking forward to future posts.

    • Thank you, I will be back, hopefully earlier rather than later. For the time being it sounds like audiobooks are going to need to become my new best friend. Who knows, this whole experience may make an audiobook convert out of me.

  21. I really hope things get better soon and you feel much better. I will miss your reviews, but will be waiting right here for when you come back to us. Take as much time as you need!

    • Thanks! It is not so much me wanting the time as needing to take the time. I guess it is time to finally listen to everyone and use this time to get acquainted with audiobooks. I will be back, I just do not know when.

  22. So sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  23. So sorry to hear this! Stephanie and I both wish you the best! Audio books are wonderful- I actually would marry Jim Dale (Harry Potter audio books) just to have him read me to sleep every night…lol, my boyfriend is not thrilled with this information- We truly hope that your health improves and that you are back online soon!
    Jess Haight & Stephanie Robinson
    The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow

  24. Many blessings to you and I have enjoyed the things you’ve shared. I hope your health improves.

  25. Jennifer you will be missed, what a wonderful advocate for networking around the blogosphere you have been.

    I enjoyed your reviews on books I wouldn’t have came across.

    Sending you good health wishes. See you on your return.

  26. I will definitely miss reading your reviews but I do hope that the time away will be good for you. And as I huge fan of audiobooks I am certainly excited that you’ll be giving them a try. Best wishes to you!

    • Ah Heather, thank you. I will be back. :) I thought listening to my favourite book on audio would be a nice transition and thus far I do not like it. Maybe because it is my all time favourite book. Anyway, I miss holding books and reading already. I will be back as soon as I am allowed, I am not even supposed to be typing (I am trying to be good).

  27. Susan Higginbotham says:

    Hope you’re back soon!

  28. Oh no – I am so sorry! I just hope you are okay. I haven’t tried audio books either – but it definitely would be different..

    I hope you feel better soon, and will be able to come back to blogging


  29. We hope you’ll return soon. Take care :)

  30. I hope everything is okay. Big hugs from one book blogger to another!


    I was happy to see people give you audiobook recommendations, but that’s too bad you don’t like your favorite book on audiobook. However, I’m sure you’ll find a medium that works for you in regards to books.

    Take care of yourself, and know that we won’t forget about you!

    • Trish, this is Jennifer’s DH. She said she too was sorry Anna Karenina via audio was not to her liking, however she has read so many versions over the years she said she has the characters voices down and so no narrator could do them any justice.

      She appreciates your kind words. Not reading and reviewing and so suddenly is proving very difficult on her.

  32. Sorry to hear you won’t blog for a while. I’ll surely miss you! Get better and we’ll be here waiting.

  33. I don’t know how I missed this but I’m sorry I did. I will miss you and your reviews. I’ve found many great books through your blog. Take care and hopefully we’ll see you back here very soon.

  34. I popped over to add you back to my blog roll since you had to change your blog and saw this post! I’m sorry about your health issues!! I hope that you will be able to continue to do the other things that you love too!! Know that I will be thinking of you and praying for your recovery!!

  35. I finally made it over to say first of all *hugs* I hope all things go well and your health returns quickly. AND I miss you already – you were a greta weekly voice on the Monday Meme and I was always so impressed with your reviews.

    Pop in once in awhile with updates if you can, and yes… try audio :)

  36. Jennifer, we’ve already corresponded via email but just wanted to say again how much you’ll be missed here! Please take good care of yourself. I’m sending love, hugs and healing thoughts your way.

  37. I am so sorry to hear this! Take the time to recover your health fully and I look forward to seeing you back her soon!

  38. So sorry to hear about your illness; take care of yourself and hope you will be back soon!

  39. I am so sorry to find that you are having medical issues; I hope that you well and truly recover soon .. hugs to you.

  40. I hope you’re able to return soon, but it’s much more important that you get well and recover as best as possible. We’re pulling for you.

  41. I keep checking back for any updates. I’m thinking about you. <3

  42. Take good care of yourself!

  43. Hi Jennifer, I followed a link to your blog from a blog tour. I was away at our daughter’s wedding when you posted so imagine my surprise to see you’re taking a break. I’m sending you good thoughts and hope you’re feeling better each day. I suspect most people are like me and subscribe to your blog via google reader so we’ll all know when you’re back :)

  44. Was just thinking about you the other day and thought I’d pop over and let you know we’re still thinking about you and miss you! Would love an update via email as to how you’re doing, but I understand that’s probably not possible! xoxo

  45. This all happened as my blog went down and I was too wrapped up in myself to realize what you were going through.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy return. You know you are responsible for more than half of the books on my TBR shelves. I miss you and hope to “see” you soon!!!


  46. Jennifer, I’m a bit late in seeing this, but I’m so sorry to hear that you’ll be taking a break from reviewing. I love your insightful reviews. Wishing you all the best, sending good thoughts your way!

  47. Jennifer, I was unable to keep up with some of the happenings and have never blogged until now. I have at least the priviledge to hear books and enjoy the times to just still hear someone talking. Easier to see the fantasy and joy the writter is trying to convey. I also do still try to continue cross stitching … may take me WAY longer but that’s okay. I hope for you much success as you battle your way through your the muck and mire. I hope you find your rainbows as I did … be patient.

  48. Dropping by to let you know that you are missed and to send thoughts and prayers your way.

  49. I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you and hope things are improving for you. I wish you, and your family, a joyous holiday season.

  50. Thinking about you! Hope all’s well and that you guys have a great Christmas and New Year.

  51. I’m so sorry I missed this. I don’t get a chance to check in with all the bloggers I’ve worked with. I hope and pray that you will be well soon. May you have a blessed New Year!

  52. I wanted to stop in and say I think of you often! I miss your input to the Monday meme and your wonderful reviews. I hope you are well and your family too.

    You are missed!

  53. Jen,

    I knew you were facing some health challenges before I took my bloggy hiatus, but never thought it would come to this. Wow! I was so looking forward to getting back to reading your posts and seeing how my dear friend was doing. I do hope and pray that whatever you are facing at the moment will be overcome. You are such a strong person, and I know there is NOTHING you cannot overcome.

    Love and Prayers to you and yours as ALWAYS,


  54. hi, i came across ur blog for the first time today and i really loved it:) ….i have prayed for u and am sure that u will get well soon and return to reading and blogging:)
    lots of luv and best wishes:)
    sow from India:)


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